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Upgrade your crops management with remote real-time crops monitoring and plant data comparison

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Key Benefits of Using a Web Platform

RGB & NDVI time series photo
Plant growth dynamics
Local weather
Satellite data
Dewfall duration
Air humidity

How to Use 

Your agri-camera and a web platform are an integral set. Use them together to make the most of plant-based data

Agronomists & plant breeders

Get agri-cameras

Buy agri-cameras and get free access to the web platform for the first year

Agronomists & plant breeders

Install your cameras

Install one camera per field either
in the spot where agri-problems were detected (pests, weeds etc.) or in a place where key phenophases tracking is needed – from the sprouting to harvesting

Agronomists & plant breeders

Sign up

Sign up on the web platform to get 24/7 access to sensors and their findings

Agronomists & plant breeders

Monitor and compare your fields

Inspect the real-time condition of your fields from anywhere to make timely agri-decisions

Agronomists & plant breeders


Want to Look Around?

Get agri-cameras and use the web platform for FREE during the first year

Why choose cropler

Fertilizers’ & seeds distributors

Fertilizers’ & Seeds Distributors

  • Use personalized agricultural decision-making to boost your clients’ business efficiency.
  • Increase the quality of your agricultural recommendations with real-time plant monitoring data.
  • Boost your sales by offering timely, accurate and representative photo data.
Agronomists & plant breeders

Agronomists & Plant Breeders

  • Lower your scouting costs by 50% by getting real-time plant-driven data from agri-cameras
  • Stay updated with the current health of your crops and compare fields remotely.
  • Make instant agricultural decisions based on plant-driven data.


  • Save up to 50% on scouting due to remote real-time plant monitoring tools.
  • Control and evaluate agronomists’ work quality with an all-in-one dashboard.
  • Manage your staff and analyze their performance efficiency by getting end-of-season reports.


  • Determine optimal crop protection and fertilizers usage timing and increase their efficiency by up to 25%.
  • Increase your income by boosting the quality of your yields and optimizing resources usage.
  • Identify the key phenophases, crop your yields, and perform all the other agricultural operations timely.


Is it possible to use a platform separately from agri-cameras?

Your dashboard presents data received from agri-cameras and humidity sensors, so they should be used together.

Does each camera have a separate dashboard within the web platform?

You have one dashboard with the data from all your cameras. But, each camera requires its own subscription to be added to the web platform.

Is there any way I can monitor the entire field?

Yes. You can view NDVI satellite imagery in association with camera data on our map. We are currently improving our map and will soon have automatic field displays.

I work in a larger organization with different departments. How do we get many people working together?

Our platform supports team management. You can divide access to sensors between different groups of people and set access levels for each person.

We already use a third-party farm management platform and we have all the data in one place. Is it possible to integrate the data into our system?

Yes, you can integrate sensor data into our web platform through our open API. Contact our support team at for documentation.

Can I leave notes on the data?

Yes. You can comment on photos, leave notes about phenophases or problems, and share them with your colleagues.

I'm not quite sure what dew drop duration means?

This value shows how much dew has fallen on your field during the day. You can also get hourly information about the dew intensity on the graph tab.

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