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Cameras are all around us: in cities, stores, homes, even in our pockets to track where we go, what we are wearing, who we talk to. But not in the fields with a million threats and risks to the yields.
And Cropler is about to fix that

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Where We Started

Where we started

It all started with Nikita, who is CEO at Cropler. Working in a satellite monitoring company, he noticed that despite the development of image processing technologies, there is still a huge deficit of ground truth data.

It became obvious to him that it was simply impossible to provide quality monitoring for decision making using only weather and satellites, so this is how the idea of closing the data gap with field cameras was born.


After analyzing the market and talking to potential customers, we design a portable, small, yet  extremely smart agricultural camera. Our technology combines plant photo-connection and satellite field data to provide our main customers with a number of benefits: agronomists and plant breeders get gap-free field data, seed and fertilizer sellers improve their service and communication with the customer while agroholdings get a tool to evaluate the quality of agronomic decisions.

The following year, we launched commercial production of agri-cameras, developed a web platform for simplified data monitoring, and started sales worldwide.

Where we how

We have won hearts in more than 13 countries in European, US, Canadian, LATAM and Asian markets

  • Canada
  • Poland
  • Chile
  • Portugal
  • France
  • Bulgaria
  • Kazakhstan
  • Lithuania
  • Germany
  • USA
  • Belgium
  • Ukraine
  • China

Our Clients’ Blooming Results

Up to 50% reduced field scouting time

Reducing field scouting time by 50%

Up to 25% increased fertilizer efficiency

Up to 25% increased fertilizer efficiency

Up to 15% enhanced product quality

Enhancing product quality by 15%

Cropler aims to help

Agronomists & plant breeders

Agronomists & plant breeders to get gap-free data


Fertilizers’ and seeds distributors to improve their service and communication with the customer


Agroholdings to get a tool to evaluate the quality of agronomic decisions


Farmers to determine optimal crop protection and fertilizers usage timing

Where We Are Headed

We focus on making our agronomic solutions affordable and easy to use. Eventually, we aim to see Cropler as an agricultural gold standard available to everyone

500K agri-cameras worldwide
Unique photo datasets for 30 crops
Early yield forecasting models for 5 key crops
30 digital AI models for tracking plant growth and detecting problems
Integrations with the largest farm management platforms
Digital agricultural assistant for best and timely decisions for your field

What cropler is


Multispectral photo data for real-time plant monitoring provides timely field data for your agricultural decisions
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Web platform

Real-time data crops data is always in your pocket: RGB and NDVI photo series, temperature, air humidity, dewfall duration, and other key parameters
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Soil moisture sensor (coming soon)

A sensor analyzes soil humidity and temperature to help determine sowing dates, predict potential plant growth, and make watering and fertilizers application more effective

Our Team

Andrii Zbrytskyi
Eugene Voronets
Sergey Gavrilko
Marie Sinkova
Nikita Bedunkevich

Let your crops speak

We use time-series plant data to fill in the informational gaps and provide timely agricultural insights
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