Plant Data at Your Fingertips with an Innovative Agriculture Camera

Manage your crops remotely 24/7, saving time on scouting and making more effective agronomic decisions

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Agri camera

A Powerful Tool for Comprehensive Plant Data Collection

Install wireless agriculture cameras in your fields and use their extensive functionality for better decision-making and optimized resources

Device Weight
500 g
Image Multispectral Data
2048x1540px 12 bit
Air Temperature
Air Humidity
0...50 000 lux
Atmospheric Pressure
300…1100 hPa
Connection Standard
GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz


 Our agriculture camera system comes with access to a web platform where you can compare your fields and communicate with your staff conveniently

Small and mobile device
24/7 photo monitoring (NDVI/RGB)
Hyperlocal weather data
Solar-powered battery
In-built multispectral camera
UV-resistant plastic body
Affordable price
GSM connectivity
Notifications & daily reports

Manage Effort and Resources Rationally with Cropler

Up to 50% reduced field scouting time

Up to 50% reduced field scouting time

Lower your costs and time resources by getting real-time plant-driven data
Up to 25% increased fertilizer efficiency

Up to 25% increased fertilizer efficiency

Apply fertilizers at the right time for maximum yield and minimal environmental impact
Up to 15% enhanced product quality

Up to 15% enhanced product quality

Get better quality yield by harvesting at the ideal time

How To Use

Step 1: Contact us to make an order

You receive your wireless agri-cameras fully charged. Install one agri-camera per field according to our location recommendations

Step 2: Install the camera into your field

Install your small and light crop monitoring sensors either in the spot where agri-problems were detected (pests, weeds etc.) or in a place where key phenophases tracking is needed – from the sprouting to harvesting

Step 3: Enable the web platform

Get a set of two agri-cameras to monitor and compare your fields in real time

Step 4 : Get timely insights from your fields

Start your day with fresh photos from your fields and have the latest data at hand

Watch Your Crops Grow

Timelapse made of RGB and NDVI images taken by a sensor in a field planted with sugar beets
Gołkówko, Poland  •  May 12 — September 10, 2023


How many sensors do I need per field?

Each field is different, but in most cases, only one sensor is needed for a field of up to 80 ha. Cropler provides a set of two cameras to help you monitor two fields at once.

How far away does the camera cover?

One sensor observes an area of 5 m2 and is sufficient for a field of up to 80 ha. Our team will analyze the data about your fields and suggest the most indicative part of the field for installation, including both location and angle.

How to install the sensor?

Place it between the rows of plants and the planting line, at the height indicated on the sensor tube. Download a manual via a QR code to get detailed instructions.

How do I understand that the camera is turned on?

The camera is working if it beeps three times when you turn it on.

I installed a sensor in a field and now I can't find it as the plants have gotten too big. What should I do?

The sensor sends its GPS coordinates every day with an accuracy of +-3 meters. You can find them in the sensor properties and use Google Maps to find the sensor.

Can you tell me what time the photos are taken and if I can set my own schedule?

We take 3 photos a day. One the year the sun is at its zenith and two at night, after sunset and before sunrise, when the sun is -10 degrees below the horizon. The schedule cannot be changed because we aim to standardize the data for processing by AI algorithms.

How long does the camera last without charging?

You receive a fully charged camera that is ready for installation and monitoring. When located in the field, the camera recharges through a solar panel even on cloudy days.

We recommend charging the camera for 30 minutes before installing it in the field after prolonged storage, even though the battery lasts for up to two months in complete darkness.

How to make payment and order the delivery?

We deliver crop camera systems using DHL and FedEx, but you may choose another shipping method. The cost depends on the number of sensors ordered and on customs fees. You can save 10% if you order 50 or more sensors.

Fill out the order form, and we will contact you within 24 hours to agree on the conditions, calculate the cost, prepare the contract, issue an invoice, and discuss delivery options. We will prepare your order for shipment after payment confirmation.

How can I get raw data?

Once you install the cameras, you get access to the web platform. There, you can get all the data from your fields, including images and sensor readings, such as RGB & NDVI photos, air temperature and humidity, plant growth dynamics (NDVI), and more.

How to get a SIM card?

You can use your own SIM card or order it at Cropler.

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