Cropler: Your Personal Crop Guardian

Revolutionary agricultural technology for easier, pocket-friendly, remote real-time photo plant monitoring.

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How It Works

Step 1

Install them in your fields either in the spot where agri-problems were detected (pests, weeds etc.) or in a place where key phenophases tracking is needed – from the sprouting to harvesting


Step 2

Agri-cameras come with Free access to a web platform for one year. Sign up, sync the platform with your cameras, and watch our detailed tutorial to make the most of Cropler system

Step 3

 Monitor your crops remotely at any time, check their condition, determine optimal fertilizers and chemicals application timing, compare your  fields, and stay in touch with your staff using an all-inclusive dashboard

Step 4

Expand your data set by installing Cropler’s wireless soil moisture sensors in your fields. Receive information on additional crops and weather parameters and use these insights for agricultural decisions

This Helps To

Save you up to 50% of scouting time and costs
Select the optimal timing of fertilizers application and watering
Detect potential illnesses control risks early on
Get timely reports based on multispectral photo data and other key agricultural parameters
Set seamless communication between your agri-team and the field for best agricultural decisions
Identify key phenophases, sow and crop the yields timely to avoid late agricultural decisions

What  Data You Get

Web platform
Dual soil sensor


How many sensors do I need per field?

Each field is different, but in most cases, only one sensor is needed for a field of up to 80 ha. Cropler provides a set of two cameras for crop monitoring on two fields at once.

We already use a third-party farm management platform and we have all the data in one place. Is it possible to integrate the data into our system?

Yes, you can integrate sensor data into our web platform through our open API. Contact our support team at for documentation.

How to make payment and order the delivery?

We deliver crop camera systems using DHL and FedEx, but you may choose another shipping method. The cost depends on the number of sensors ordered and on customs fees. You can save 10% if you order 50 or more sensors.

Fill out the order form, and we will contact you within 24 hours to agree on the conditions, calculate the cost, prepare the contract, issue an invoice, and discuss delivery options. We will prepare your order for shipment after payment confirmation.

How to install the sensor?

Place it between the rows of plants and the planting line, at the height indicated on the sensor tube. Download a manual via a QR code printed inside the box to get detailed instructions.

What time are the photos taken? Can I set my own schedule?

We take 3 photos a day. One the year the sun is at its zenith and two at night, after sunset and before sunrise, when the sun is -10 degrees below the horizon. The schedule cannot be changed because we aim to standardize the data for processing by AI algorithms.

How long does the camera last without charging?

You receive a fully charged camera that is ready for installation and accurate crop monitoring and management. When located in the field, the camera recharges through a solar panel even on cloudy days.

We recommend charging the camera for 30 minutes before installing it in the field after prolonged storage, even though the battery lasts for up to two months in complete darkness.

Is it possible to use a platform separately from agri-cameras?

Your dashboard presents data received from agri-cameras and humidity sensors, so they should be used together.

Can I use a soil moisture sensor without an agri-camera?

No, the soil moisture sensor is a wireless accessory for an agri-camera and uses the camera as a repeater to transmit data in the GSM network.

Let your crops speak

We use time-series plant data to fill in the informational gaps and provide timely agricultural insights
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